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2D & 3D Dimensional Control

Dimensional control surveyors use their land survey and engineering skills to give support to our clients in a wide variety of circumstances. We provide results on-site and a full detailed report afterward, containing coordinates, detailed pictures, and relevant drawings.

We can assist either onshore (fabrication yards, shipyards, harbours) or offshore (oil platform, jacket, vessel, etc). 

Ocean Phoenix International Ltd has surveyors with vast experience in the field. They have been involved in a great variety of big and small projects all around the world and they are well valued in the industry.

Some of the survey applications are:
•    Vessel Offsets 
•    Subsea structures: Manifold, ITS, SSIV, PLET, Xtree 
•    Jumpers and Tie-in Spools 
•    Construction support for Jackets, Tripod, Bridge, Piles, Top Sides 
•    Reels 
•    Renewables Sector: monopiles and transition pieces


Vessel Offset Surveys

Protection Structure.JPG

Subsea Structures:   

Manifold, ITS, SSIV, PLET, Xtree

spools 1.jpg

Jumpers and Tie in Spools

Image by Dean Brierley

Construction Support For:

Jackets, Tripod, Bridge, Piles, Top Sides

Reels LS.jpg

Reel Surveys                

Wind Turbines on Water

Monopile & Transition Pieces