Client Services

Ocean Phoenix International Ltd is a specialist Marine and Hydrographic Survey support company.

With global demand for Green & Renewable Energy Ocean Phoenix is a key service provider for the Renewable Energy & Oil & Gas Energy sector in their transition to Greener Energy. 

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The Ocean Phoenix management have an in-depth knowledge of the Global Marine Energy industry gained from over 42 years of direct operational experience on an international scale.

On the basis of this experience, they have developed a vast network of high calibre consultants, technical manpower and operational and logistical resources which can now be deployed in support of  Global Marine clients, whether in the Offshore Oil and Gas, Renewables, Inspection or Cabling industries, and whether in the inception, lifecycle or final decommissioning project phases.

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Technical Manpower

At the heart of the Company’s approach lies its ethos that only the ‘right man’ for the job will do and thus considerable effort is given to ensuring the highest calibre resourcing on all operations so as to enable the best matching of resource to requirement.  

Utilising innovative, progressive work systems and flexible software systems specifically designed for purpose, the Company has established a tailored approach to enable it to both rapidly and efficiently perform this function so that it can always match the right resources to meet its clients exacting requirements. This combined with an effective, collaborative, and highly knowledgeable team, is aimed at the delivery of consistent quality ‘end goal’ results, safely and successfully performed to the highest standard, and with total commitment to the client’s entire satisfaction 


Dimensional Control & Survey Services

Dimensional Control and the Calibration of acquisition instruments is key in ensuring high quality and low uncertainty in measurements.

We offer a range of Dimensional Control & Calibration services to ensure the highest possible accuracy is achieved, while minimising potential  inherent system errors.

  • 2D & 3D  Dimensional Control Surveys

  • 3D Laser Scanning and Digital Twins

  • Calibration & Verifications Services

    • Vessels

    • ROV's

    • Ploughs

    • Trenchers

  • UAV & Photogrammetry