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Ocean Phoenix as a Team Together

Ocean Phoenix management and operations team have in excess of 42 years’ experience in the Hydrographic Survey, Marine & Renewable Industries and through this firsthand experience of field & onshore operations can understand the requirements of the project from the Client, Project and Consultant’s perspective.

At the heart of the Company’s approach lies its ethos that only the ‘right person’ for the job will do and thus considerable effort is given to ensuring the highest calibre resourcing on all operations so as to enable the best matching of candidate to requirement and work with the consultant to ensure they are fully part of this process and informed at all stages.

Utilising innovative, progressive work systems and flexible software systems specifically designed for purpose, the Company has established a tailored approach to enable it to both rapidly and efficiently perform this function so that we can always match consultants exact skills and work preferences to meet  clients exacting requirements from project inception, operation through to final close out invoicing and payment as efficiently and streamlined as possible.

It is this collaborative approach between Ocean Phoenix and our consultants that means as a team we can  deliver effective, consistent quality ‘end goal’ results, safely and successfully performed to the highest standard, and with total commitment to the client’s entire satisfaction 

We recognize the importance in development at all stages of your career from graduate / change of industry to reach your goal as Project Manager or Client Representative and will work with you at all stages helping to navigate this course supporting the development in your desired career path.

We understand things change, no matter how well planned having experienced this firsthand to appreciate the need for us to be available to support 24/7 to our consultants and clients.

We support all Roles and Activities as below, please get in touch via email or through our bespoke Candidate Portal.

Business Meeting

Project & Technical Management

  • Operations Managers

  • Project Managers

  • Operations Geologists

  • Project Surveyors

  • Project Engineers

  • Operations Geophysicists


Operational Field Support

  • Offshore Client Representatives

  • Offshore Vessel /Barge Masters

  • Party Chiefs

  • Reports Coordinators

  • Online Surveyors

  • Survey Engineers

  • 3.4U Inspection Engineers

  • Geologist

  • Barge Managers

  • ROV/ROTV Pilots Tech 

  • Marine Mammal Observers

  • Inspection Coordinators

  • PAM Operators

  • Data Processors

  • Video Eventers

  • Geophysicists


Operational Activities

  • Construction Support

  • Marine Inspections

  • Geotechnical, Geophysical Site Survey


  • Rig and Jacket Moves

  • Cable Planning, Routing and Installation

  • IRM

  • Dimensional Control

  • AUV Operations

  • Jacket Installation


Candidate Portal

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