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Ocean Phoenix International Ltd are specialists in the capture of precise and accurate dimension control data for the Calibration and Verification of your acquisition and positioning systems.

By ensuring systems are performing within their expected tolerances, mitigating, and identifying system errors helps to ensure that the highest possible data quality is achieved at all stages of operations. By reducing systematic errors helps improve data quality, accuracy, and final product deliverables.

We can provide Offset, Calibration and Verification of systems sensors on all the below Marine platforms.

  • Construction Support Vessels

  • Heavy Lift Barges

  • ROVs

  • Trenchers

  • Ploughs

  • AUVs

  • Jack Ups

  • Etc..

Our Dimensional Control Surveys provide clients with field results onsite to identify and resolve issues discovered, allowing our clients to sail with confidence in their system for acquisition of their datasets.

A full detailed operations Report of findings, results activities is then issued on return to the office.

We can provide full Vessel Offset, Calibration and Verification Surveys including:

  • Offset Surveys

  • Gyro Calibrations

  • Vessel Motion Sensor Calibration and Verification Surveys

  • GNSS Position Verification and Health Checks.

  • Sensor Mounting Attitudes


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Vessel Calibration

Vessel Calibration - Gyros & MRU